5 Tips to Follow When Applying False Eyelashes

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There are many reasons why ladies want to apply false eyelashes. It can be a great way to boost one’s self-confidence, improve one’s overall aesthetic appeal, or even to address a medical condition whereby the eye’s natural lashes are absent. Whatever the reason, the more important thing that all individuals who wish to use such a contraption is to learn the basics of applying false eyelashes. There’s no need to fret as we’re giving you 5 helpful tips to get those faux eyelashes onto your eyes in no time and with little effort.

Prepare the faux eyelash band

Everyone knows that faux eyelashes need to be bonded at the base of one’s natural lashes. Unfortunately, the way the human eyelashes are designed doesn’t really make putting on false lashes really easy. However, if you manage to improve the flexibility of the band that makes up the base of the faux lashes, you can actually apply it a lot easier. The idea is to get a more curved eyelash band so that it will sit a lot better onto the natural curve of the eyelash.

There are several ways to do this. You can toggle the ends of the lash band in a U-shape manner or you can join both ends of the band to form a crown. Alternatively, you can wrap the lash band on a pencil, ball pen, or any other cylindrical object just to obtain that perfect curve. Just remember to remove the adhesive before applying the faux lashes.

Blot excess oil off of your eyelids

The success of applying faux eyelashes depends on the strength of the bond between the false eyelashes and the natural eyelash. Sadly, if you’ve got a rather oily skin, the glue that is supposed to hold the faux lash base won’t be able to adhere that well onto the eyelash. It is therefore important to remove excess oil from your eyelids using oil blotting sheets. This is to help provide a non-oily surface for the adhesive.

If you happen to reuse your faux eyelashes, then don’t use an oil-based makeup remover to remove them. If you do this, oil can get lodged within the band of the faux eyelashes, making it extra difficult to bond when you reapply it.

Prop your elbows on a flat surface

Remember that you’re actually working on a very small area of your body that you literally cannot see. The only fixture you can rely on to help you in applying fake lashes is a mirror. However, the placement of the mirror is only part of the equation. A more important aspect is stabilization of your hands as these are the ones going to apply the faux eyelashes.

To do this, sit behind a table or desk and prop your elbows squarely on the table. This will help stabilize your arms and your hands, minimizing if not eliminating shaking that can make the application of the faux eyelashes quite challenging. If the shaking is simply uncontrollable you may want to lay the mirror flat on the table, prop your elbows on both sides, and plant your chin squarely on the mirror with your head slightly tilted forward.

Start with smaller faux lashes

If this is your first time applying faux eyelashes, we’d definitely recommend going with half lashes, accent lashes, or demi lashes. These are smaller and shorter yet they can still provide the look that you need.

The idea is for you to build confidence in the application of such faux eyelashes, find the most effective and most comfortable position for its application, and apply a few tricks of the trade. Once you’re confident, you can go for full strip lashes.

Cut the faux lashes into sections, if needed

Full strip eyelashes give women a very sophisticated look. However, some women may find it quite difficult to apply. One way to address this is by dividing the faux lashes into two or three sections. You can then apply each section individually.

Just keep in mind that this trick usually doesn’t work well for those with rather thick lashes as the cut sections will be quite visible.

Applying fake eyelashes is easy if you practice performing the basic steps. It can be made a lot easier, however, if you follow these simple tips.

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